L'amour Roses. Preserved roses.

L'amour Roses is an online luxury flower boutique located in White Plains NY that specializes in preserving 100% real roses that last up to a year. They are treated with a unique and revolutionary technique that gives natural, cultivated roses a delicate, evocative beauty that lasts longer than ever – the rose’s texture, shape, and even some scent is preserved. Each one of our L'amour Rose boxes is handmade by us with love, with only the highest quality roses and flowers to leave a lasting impression on all our customers. 

We love when our clients share photos or videos of them enjoying their arrangements  and when we receive happy responses from the recipient of my product. We love nothing more about what we do than presenting our clients with beautiful boxed flowers that will last a whole year. Our luxurious arrangements require absolutely no maintenance or watering and add a touch of luxury to any space.

You can always expect lots of new beautiful flower boxes with new touches of authenticity and beautiful colors of our prespreserved roses.